Ravi DeRossi

Amira Gharib
Executive Chef

Sother Teague
Beverage Director




Honeybee's is a diamond in the rough between the dive bars and laundromats of the Lower East Side. A sultry and sophisticated saloon, paired with the casual and nostalgic air of down-home barbecue. Although our menu is plant-based, our dedication has produced the flavors, textures and aromas that confirm down-home cooking. Honeybee's is picked up straight from the classiest establishment in the Wild West and teleported to the cosmopolitan corner of Avenue A and 6th. Synergy is a large part of our concept. Harmony can be found throughout the property and begins with our bar and kitchen. The history and relationship between America and Mexico, the opposing concepts of Vegan Barbecue and the differences of an elevated beverage program with casual dining; all create a balance and commonality for all of our guests. The space is a moment of deja vu for the old spirits that wander in and an informative and fun experience for our guests looking for a texan night of whiskey and barbecue. 

Why vegan BBQ?  Barbecue is an inherently American concept that uses spices, smoke, fire and slow cooking to produce concentrated and refined flavors. Using traditional techniques, and modern preparations our team has produce an excellent plant-based menu that truly represents Barbecue; with char, crunch and flavor that anyone’s grandmother would be proud of. The reason behind our decision with Vegan Barbecue is because barbecue is a classic comfort food that is synonymous with American culture, but we pair inspiration and flavors of Mexican inspired style to showcase a more authentic representation of our “American” palette.  

Why bourbon and rye? As a center piece of history, both have come into the modern age as classic spirits that embody the American story. With that being said our focus is reintroduce the story of Bourbon and Rye and their parallel to Tequila and Mezcal. Executing well structured and classic cocktails that fully represent the spirits’ delicacy and versatility in tandem with their tenacity and flavor.